Monday, June 4, 2012

Dawson is back!


A new sitcom in which there are two girls, one naive and trusts people too much, the other one crazy and selfish. They are roommates. This show is funny and nice but the most important thing, for which I suggest to see it, is James Ven Der Bek. That's him: Dawson Leery. And who doesn't know Dawson?
Van Der Beek performs himself that try to leave Dawson forget but at the same time he uses all the time his character.
And the way in which he does that is fantastic: he's superficial, a bit thick but full of women thanks to Dawson.
But they could choose another title for the show: "Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23" is too long!

[Una nuova sitcom in cui ci sono due ragazze, una ingenua e che si fida troppo della gente, l'altra pazza ed egoista.Sono coinquline.Questo show è divertente e carino,ma la cosa più importante,per la quale suggerisco di guardarlo, è James Van Der Beek.E' lui:Dawson Leery.E chi non conosce Dawson? Van Der Beek interpreta se stesso che cerca di far dimenticare Dawson ma allo stesso tempo usa il suo personaggio continuamente.E il modo in cui lo fa è fantastico: è superficiale,un po' tonto ma pieno di donne grazie a Dawson. Avrebbero però potuto scegliere un altro titolo per questa sitcom: "Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23" è troppo lungo!

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  1. I've just watched it (Stefania is always the first ;-) and I loved it!! Its so funny!! Each character is hilarious! There are also al lot of jokes about tv series (Don Draper's daughter is a guest star) so it's perfect for those addicted like us!
    But the funniest thing (especially for a Dawson's Creek fan like me) was seeing Dawson with his flannel shirt!
    You can't miss it.